Lion Heart Kate Bush Shine On You Crazy Diamond Syd Barrett Dukes of Stratosphear The Psychedelic Warlords of XTC Magazine The Light Pours Out Of Them Iggy and the Stooges The Cavemen of Rock The Rolling Stones America’s Finest Export Small Faces Here Come The Nice. Small faces, Big Icons The Stranglers The Rutting Stones Dionne Warwick She Knew The Way To San José Public Enemy The War Cabinet Ministers. Home of the Bomb Squad Tito Puente Tito’s Way Sly and Robbie The Premiers of Drum and Bass Prince Buster The Ska Lord. The Judge Dread Johnny Harris The Rock Star Conductor Keith Moon Dear Boy The Beatles Rutles Rip-Off Band Be-Bop Deluxe Mutant Metal Pirates. Noise Candy Horace Andy The Skylarker Giorgio Moroder Don’t Score Me Scarface The Specials The Concrete Urban Junglists P.I.L When Dark Dub Met Metal Disco Jackie Mittoo A one man Booker T & The MG’s Sheila E Prince’s First Lady Jerry Goldsmith The Logun Runner Os Mutantes The Brazilian Pink Floyd Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Cowboy Psychedelics Glen Campbell The Wichita Line Man The Who The Fantastic Four Jimmy Cliff The Sound of Sunshine Ryuichi Sakamoto Merry Christmas, Mr. Sakamoto De La Soul Three is the Magic Number Blondie New York Disco Punks New Order Substance Massive Attack The Bristol Dub Foundation Dr. Alimantado The Original Collaborator Television The Satellites Kool and the Gang The Jungle Book Rare Earth You Don’t Get Many Bands Like Them Adam and the Ants Kings of The Wild Frontier Cheap Trick Kiss Without All the Bollocks Marvin Gaye The Consciousness of Soul Ray Barretto The Latin Soul Brother Brian Eno God Only Eno’s Sugarhill Gang The Rapper’s Delight A Tribe Called Quest Hip Hop’s First Infantry. The Ground Troops Sly and the Family Stone Everybody is a Star Kool Herc Two Turntables and a Microphone Trouble Funk Full Tilt a Go-Go Earl Palmer The Backbeat Big Youth The Human Gleaner. The Electric Toaster Missy Elliott Miss Demeanour Herbie Hancock God Made Him Funky Can German Engineering At Its Finest Buzzcocks Punk’s Beatles Roxy Music Should’ve Stuck Together Thomas Dolby Budapest By Blimp. The Electro High-Roller The Congos Heart of The Congos Fela Kuti The African James Brown Tony Allen Afro’s Heartbeat Augustus Pablo The Melodica Maestro Harold Faltermeyer The Beverly Hills Copper Bo Diddley The Black Gladiator The Skatalites The Studio One Mafia Aphrodite’s Child Greek Space Rockers U-Roy Rastaman Ambassador Timbaland The Virginia Beach Whale Quincy Jones The Dude Gregory Isaacs The Cool Ruler Gang of Four Over the Counter Speed The Human League The Sheffield Steel. The Sound of the Crowd Henry Mancini The Pink Panther Ennio Morricone The Violin in a Suitcase Roy Budd He Got Carter Stockhausen The Salvador Dali Soundsmith Squeeze Take Me Up The Junction New York Dolls The Glam Rock B-Movie X-Ray Spex The Germ Free Adolescents John Barry Pan Am’s String Section. The Man with The Midas Touch Sonic Youth Feedback Cosmonauts Bernard Hermann Psycho Killer, Qu’est Que C’est ? The Long Dark Night of the Soul Derek and Clive Come Again? Black Sabbath Brummies Who Invented The Devil Sparks The Maelstrom. This Town Is Big Enough For The Both Of Them Talking Heads Funk Rock’s Basquiats Jam The Great British Fry-Up Tony Bennett The Goodfella The Slits The Original Riot Grrrls The Fall The Hip Priest’s Outfit Scott Walker Troubadour, Matador, Torchholder. The Cecil B. DeMille of Heartache Devo The Musical Mongoloids David Bowie The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud Big Audio Dynamite The Ladbroke Globe Trotters Grange Hill School’s Out Stanley Myers The Sitting Target. Stan the Man The Band The Last Waltzers Jonathan Richman The Original Roadrunner Yello Big Swiss Cheeses Vangelis The Blade Runner Lalo Schifrin Dirty Harry. He Entered the Dragon Jorge Ben Jor The Brazilian Welder Carlos Santana The Cheech Marin of Latin Rock John Carpenter The Dark Star Tangerine Dream German Prog Electro Heads Rammstein Fire-Breathing Metalheads Thin Lizzy The Four Leaf Clovers Tom Waits The Nighthawk At The Diner Sun Ra The Sonic Arkestra Wendy Carlos The Synth-Classicist. Angel Trumpets and Devil Trombones The Ronettes Be My Baby Kid Creole and The Coconuts The Tropical Gangsters Guns ‘n Roses Welcome To The Jungle Happy Mondays Playground Superstars Rick James The Super Freak 2 Live Crew Skyywalker’s Potty-Mouthed Bootie Lovers Eric B. & Rakim Starsky and Hutch Captain Beefheart The Magic Bandleader Serge Gainsbourg L’Enfant Terrible Lee Perry The Black Arc Arsonist Dizzie Gillespie The Cheeky Boy Harry J. Allstars The Liquidator King Tubby The Jamaican Remix King The Beach Boys The Surf’s Up Mantronix Kings of The Beats Cameo Word Up! Yellow Magic Orchestra The Space Invaders Robert Palmer Mr. Muscle Barrington Levy When the Levy Breaks ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd Reggae’s Own Dr. Dre Grandmaster Flash The Postmaster General The Clash How the West Was Won The Wurzels Scrumpy and Western Buddy Rich Stick it Bob Marley The Tuff Gong Ibrahim Ferrer The Cuban Fixer Prince See Prince Bo Diddley Not To Be Confused With... Siouxsie & The Banshees The Spellbinders Mike Clark The Headhunter Jungle Brothers King of the Swingers Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Last Poets The Hustlers of Convention. Proto Rappers Funkadelic Who Says A Funk Band Can’t Play Rock? Parliament The Mothership Connectors The Kinks The Village Green Preservation Society Phil Spector Phil Spector’s Phil Spector. The Teen Anthem Emperor Arthur Baker Mr. Freeze. The B-Boys Revenge Burning Spear The Marcus Garvey-ites Robert Johnson The Faust of Blues. The Deal Maker Bon Jovi Richie Sambora’s Backing Band Steve Vai He Had an Axe to Grind Ike Turner Al Capone. The Heavy Soul Al Green The Reverend My Bloody Valentine Cosmic Feedbackers Joe Meek The British Phil Spector. The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. Bob Dylan The Hard Rain Love All You Need XTC The English Settlers ESG The Bronxski Beat. Disco Infiltrators Kraftwerk Germanic Robotic Band. Afrika Bambaataa took their Trans Europe Express all the way to Planet Rock Neu Foundations of Krautrock The Meters The Metronomics Of Breakbeat Zapp Electro Shockers! Chic The Last Days of Disco... Rotary Connection Symphonic Soul Precision Bill Withers That Duck Could Sing Soul Cymande The Love Guns of Brixton Bernard Purdie Mr. Fix It Man. The Hit Maker Steve Reich The Piano Tuner. It’ll Be All Reich On The Night. Fred Neil The Midnight Cowboy Tom Tom Club Electro Funk Daisy-Agers Wire The Art of Noise Barry White The Walrus of Love Denis Coffey Invite Me In For Coffey. Motor City Funkster Curtis Mayfield We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue. The Impressionist Clyde Stubblefield The Funky Drummer Kool Keith Black Elvis Led Zeppelin A Whole Lotta Love Frank Zappa The Hot Rat AC/DC Rock’s Own Alphabet Kiss God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to Them. The Bollocks Cream The Strange Brew Blowfly Sexy Smiles Jimi Hendrix The Voodoo Chile Taj Mahal The Temple of Blues Philly Joe Jones Miles’ Man Main Source The Physicists The Creation In The Beginning There Was... The Shangri-Las They Can Never Go Home Any More Dusty Springfield The Northern Soul Toots and the Maytals The Pressure Droppers Lord Kitchener The Grandmaster Son House House of the Rising Son Aretha Franklin The Queen of Soul Philip Glass The Minimalist Pharoah Sanders Finger Lickin’ Good James Brown The Minister of New Super Heavy Funk King Sunny Ade The Minister of Enjoyment David Axelrod Songs of Experiences. Proto Mullet Inventor Johnny Cash The Man In Black Leadbelly Where Did He Sleep Last Night? Betty Davis Nasty Girl. She Liked a Big Freak Afrika Bambaataa It Began with Afrika Aerosmith Showed Run DMC How To Walk That Way KC and the Sunshine Band Miami Sound Machine Dr. Dre Rap’s Phil Spector ZZ Top The Desert Rockers Isaac Hayes The Black Moses. The Hot Buttered Soul Ian Dury The Poet Laureate. Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll Dr. John The Night Tripper Mandrill Planet of the Apes. Darwin’s Backing Band Murdoc 2D Noodle Russel